Interview with Alev

Şebokolik: could you tell us your foundation history by your words?

Patrick: In 2001, Martin and me had the idea to make a band with heavy guitars and melodic female vocals. We started writing songs and founded the band „ALEV“ in 2002.

Şebokolik: could you tell your music and style for our readers?

Niki: It..s basically alternative rock with fat guitars and a pop vocalist. Sometimes it..s heavy, sometimes groovy.

Patrick: I would call it „alternative metal“, but there are many different influences in our music…rock, metal, pop, alternative, gothic…

Saner:Our music is created by 5 different characters.There are a lot of different influences ranging from prince-funk to death-metal.ALEV is a Metal-Band with a very open minded view.The main mood is melancholy – we like heavy guitars, melodic songs and we are open to express ourselves with any style we like.

Şebokolik: would you like to work with Turkish musicians? İf it is ok with whom?

Saner: In Berlin we met Ceza at a Show of Okan Bayülgen.He..s a very nice guy and a real artist.
It would be great to work with him.

Niki: I don..t know that many turkish musicians, but for me it would be most interesting to work with ceza, the turkish rap-artist. I think he..s one of a kind!

Patrick: Yes! Unfortunatly I also don’t know that many turkish artists, but I really like turkish music!

Şebokolik: are you dealing with other things apart from music?

Patrick: I have a studio and I am producing bands…so I am not really dealing with other things apart music…

Niki: Of course i have to work to earn my money (sad but true:-)), i love reading and writing, i got my own electronic-music project, i am interested in filming and editing and last but not least i like spending time with my girlfriend.

Saner: Besides our musical life I work as announcer, speaker and narrator.It..s very interesting to work on different voice characters and different interpretation of different text styles.

Şebokolik: what do you think about Turkish Rock music?

Saner: Turkish rock music, as good as i know, is generally influenced by classic rock and classic metal.Mezarkabul is a very good metal band and i like them very much!I was very surprised about the underground scene in turkey.
There aren..t a lot of real turkish metal-heads in germany.I thought, maybe i..m the only turk that loves metal – i was wrong.The turks in turkey are way different to the turks in germany.I love extrem-metal and i never thought that there could be such a big extrem-metal-scene in turkey!Turkey rocks!

Patrick: I found some turkish rock bands at myspace! There are great bands like „Pentagram“ or „Mizan“. I think turkish rock music should also be released in Germany!

Niki: I bought the album “Insanlar” by a band called Kurban which i like. Apart from that i don..t know much other turkish rock bands!

Şebokolik: have you ever read a book that effects your life or music?

Patrick: No…I like reading books but they don’t affect my life or music…

Saner: No. Life and mankind is enough inspiration for me.It tells all kinds of stories – first of all the most evil, ugly and unhappy stories.

Niki: Some books effect the way you think or feel, in that case it..s possible that it effects your music as well, but that..s very seldom. Music is mostly effected by other music.

Şebokolik: do you recieve negative criticism?how do you react?do they effect you and your music?

Saner: Of course we also get negative criticisms. People are different – you will never satisfy everybody.But that..s not our aim. We want to be ALEV – if somebody likes it or not.There..s no sense in trying to be everybody..s darling.
The most important thing is to keep our own style and expression.

Niki: Criticism is good, as long as it..s constructive, it helps you to reflect on you and your music. The criticisms i have read so far about the new album were mostly good, so i think in general we can..t complain!

Patrick: I have no problem with negative criticism! Everybody has got a different opinion and music is also a question of taste!

Şebokolik: could you give us an adress to access your demos or to contact you for the readers havent listened you or doesnt know you?

www. myspace. com/alevmusic or www. alevmusic. com

Şebokolik: As we are Şebokolik magazine,could you share your opinions about Şebnem Ferah and the magazine?

NIKI: The site of Şebokolik magazine looks good and professional but i don..t speak turkish so i don..t really know!

Patrick: Unfortunatly I also can’t read or speak turkish…but Sebnem Ferah sounds good!

Saner: Sebnem Ferah is a very professional singer.Top production, top musicians – i think this is real turkish-rock, the typical turkish feel in modern rock music.
She has all my respect.As i told you i..m more into extrem-(metal)-music, but i hope to get to know her.

Şebokolik: We asked all our questions. do you want to add something?

Niki: Thank you very much for the interest in our music. Hope to see you soon!

Saner: I hope ALEV will be very often in turkey, because we all love turkey and we feel home with all the nice people there.

Patrick: Hope to see you on Zeytinli Rock Fest on august, 14th!

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