İnterview with Paradise Lost

Şebokolik:Let’s start with your music.Previously death/doom subgenre prevailed your sound then you began to look for something new and so gothic metal appeared.What was the reason for this genre to start ?

Paradise lost:There is no grand plan, things just happen , any band that fuses different styles will create a different sub genreit just so happens we were pretty much the first band to fuse gothic and death metal music

Şebokolik:Your sound becomes it’s the the softest and the most electronic form with Host.You coined a term which had never been before:Dark rock. Could you tell us how this genre appeared ?

Paradise lost:Again, music need tags! “dark rock” suited the music at that time, as it wasnt really metal per se

Şebokolik:Where do you get your ideas and inspiration from when you write your songs ?

Paradise lost:A healthy love of the genre helps musically, and lyrically most stuff I write about is real life yet super cryptic

Şebokolik:What do you think about P.L’s being shown as Metallica and Nick Holmes as James Hetfield at Europe ?

Paradise lost: Neither could be further from the truth!

Şebokolik:Only two video clips were shot from your last album, for In Requiem . Why didn’t you shoot some more, such as Requiem song ?

Paradise lost:Century media wanted one song. they pay!

Şebokolik:Let’s talk about new album.Your new album will come out in the late 2009.After one and a half year break, what a comeback will P.L. fans see ?

Paradise lost:The new album will be a very heavy album. Im expecting complaints from the Host fans , but perhaps not as many complaints from the metal fans as when we did the host album :-)

Şebokolik:What will theme of your new album be ? What will P.L. tell us in this album ?

Paradise lost:Theme? It’ll be as sinister and pissed off as every other album we have done. Dont expect a change in that department lolŞebokolik:It’s known that P.L. is currently recording new album with producer Jens Bogren . Some of the songs are listed as ” First Light, As Horizons End, Faith Divided Us Death United Us, Frailty , My Last Regret ”

Şebokolik: Could you tell us further information about and the other songs ?

Paradise lost: We are still recording them and I am still writing the lyrics , so I guess we shall have to wait and see

Şebokolik:Do we have a chance to know the album title ? (:

Paradise lost: Still negotiating!, although you may have already mentioned it in the last question ;)

Şebokolik:Let’s talk about your concert.Your last concert was in November, 2008. Your first concert in this year will be held in April. It’s a long break. What other plans do you have for this year ? Your fans must have missed you.

Paradise lost: We will do a scattered number of shows to blow the cobwebs away, but im sure we will more than make up for it towards the end of the year and 2010

Şebokolik:The concert schedule hasn’t been announced yet. Do you have any plans for visiting Turkey in this year ?

Paradise lost: Who knows, watch this space…

Şebokolik:What are your emotions and thoughts on our country ? What do you think about the Turkish music style?

Paradise lost: I appreciate travel to any country that differs vastly from my own , not overly familiar with turkish music though I’m afraid, maybe you can send me some!

Şebokolik:Thanks again for being our guest. If you visit Turkey some day, we vish to interview with you again.Paradise lost: Many thanks , hope we can get to Turkey in 2009!!

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